© CIIT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd 2017 Virtual Learning Center SAP Certification Online Academy Welcome to CIIT Solutions Sri Lanka We are a leading education and career services provider for the  SAP ERP professional community in Asia.We focus on the needs  of the SAP ERP community. We bridge the gap between the need  of the industry for knowledgeable and skilled professionals and the  education required to produce highly qualified candidates.  Through our experiential learning model, we seamlessly combine  practical academic and certification programs, which extensively  uses SAP ERP itself as the learning tool, with career services  programs that aim to help our students get placed into the industry  quickly.  Furthermore, our SAP education strategy equips PMETs  (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) with a  combination of vertical SAP ERP application domain knowledge  and horizontal ERP applications implementation management  skills. This approach produces very productive “T-shaped”  professionals who can be very competitive in the job market